Scientific research in Advanced Floating Biofiltration also known as Floating Wetlands(FTW) and Floating Reedbeds has resulted in development of the Aqua Biofilter™ .
Aqua Biofilter™ performance indicates the following is routinely achievab

TN Reduction 40-90%
TP Reduction 50-95%
TSS Reduction 50-100%
Transparency 50- 252%
Heavy Metals Reductions in Arsenic, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Mercury methylation, particularly when metals are collidal, colloidally suspended. The fine roots caputre nutrients and metals on the algal and bacterial biofilm, creating a thick mesh to capture all pollutans.


The Aqua Biofilter™ is an advanced Floating Wetland Treatment Technology that can be utilised within a Wertland Treatment Train either retro-fitting or designed into future wetlands, by contacting Aqua Biofilter™ Design Consultants. Detention basins can be designed larger & deeper, effectively providing more storage and HRT. Wetlands can also be sized smaller as a result, bringing down costs, achieving best practice and effectively treating TN, TP, TSS and reducing heavy metals.

NIWA in New Zealand has conducted an extensive review of Floating Wetland Treatments, particularly for removal of heavy metals: for Auckland Regional Council.